Dark curly hair. Hair is down, is mostly one side. Length is to the shoulder. Clothes: White t-shirt, one side is off the shoulder, pink and black bra strap showing on the side of where t-shirt is off the shoulder. Pose, sitting, leaning on left knee, left hand on hair.
Saba Markos

Description of Saba’s Headshot Above:

Model Saba is posing sitting down leaning on left knee and left hand on hair.  She has dark curly shoulder length hair, hair is mostly on one side. She is wearing a white off the shoulder t-shirt with a pink and black bra strap showing on the side where t-shirt is off the shoulder. Posing sitting, leaning on left knee, left hand on hair.


About Saba:

My name is Saba Markos. I was born in Ethiopia but lived in Canada for most of my life. I have an image consultant certification from George Brown College and I took life skills coaching courses from George Brown College. I did some advertising for Toronto Transit Commission to make public transportation more accessible. I was also on the board for the Toronto Rape Crisis Center. I am a person with a physical disability, but I don't let the adversity of life stop me from living a positive life.


Why is disability inclusion important in the modeling industry? 

Disability inclusion is vital to any environment, especially in the workplace. I do some modeling; it was really hard to get a non-disability modeling agency to even give me a chance, because most industries lack the knowledge and experience in working with persons with disabilities. I should not have to seek out companies that only hire disabled people, though I am grateful that they exist. If I am talented in my skill, my disability should not play any part in me not getting the job. Also, one of the challenges is accessible workplace for some with a mobility device. I have been to interviews where I was physically unable to enter the building because there were stairs.


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