Closeup picture of Web Accessibility Consultant Harel Chait smiling.
Harel Chait

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Closeup picture of Web Accessibility Consultant Harel Chait smiling.

About Harel:

My name is Harel Chait, I have been consulting in the web accessibility field for people with disabilities for 10 years now. I was participating in the Israeli standard drafting team of web accessibility regulation and was promoting the field in formal way by ISOC-Il. I have been consulting to make desktop and mobile accessible by WCAG  for PR companies, corporate, government offices, universities, health services and many more. Moreover, I am a PhD candidate in Business Administration and Information Systems and my work is about "Web accessibility implementation and corporate social responsibility policy". My M.A. thesis was discussed the field of web accessibility for people with disabilities too and was presented in Oxford Internet Institute conference and others. 

Why is disability inclusion important in the web accessibility industry?  

The accessible web gives to people with disabilities the opportunity to be included in the society like everybody else.


Previous Projects, Featured Articles and Other Work: 

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