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Life Beyond Disability (LBD)

Link to Life Beyond Disability Video with Transcription

About Video: A 16 minute conversation with Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro, Executive Director of Life Beyond Disability and Jourdan Saunders, CEO of The Resource Key. This video talks about the key areas of work that LBD is doing in the community, and the impact that they are making now and for younger generations.

Make an Impact-Support Life Beyond Disability: Pay for Life Beyond Disability Support Funds . More ways to support LBD visit their website.

Life Beyond Disability is a non-profit organization advocating for the rights and empowerment of persons living with Disability in Africa.

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Headshot of Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro.
Photo Credit: Kenny

“I am a person living with a disability born without the right arm. I have lived through discrimination, isolation, and segregation. Here where I live, I know what it feels like. I know what goes with disability and the challenges we have to go through to become a person of dignity. I started LBD to set the stage for the younger generation coming up to have a better platform for them to bring out their potential.”

— Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro

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