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Office Hours

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Small Actions Unlock Change

Purpose: Brainstorm ideas, ask questions, feedback on a specific topic.

Office Hours Topic Areas:

  • Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
  • Disability Inclusion
  • Product (i.e. App) Review and Feedback
  • Entrepreneur or Career Change
  • Inclusive Sports Programs

Location: Virtual or In-Person

Interactive Workshops

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Learn with Action Leaders

Topics from Previous Workshops:

  • Inclusive and Accessible Social Media
  • The Sustainable Keys for Branding for the Future
  • The Foundation of Developing Disability Leadership to Enhance Workplace Culture and Business Growth
  • Building Disability Inclusion Starts with You: Your Personal Brand Matters
  • Cross Collaboration Across Industries for Inclusive Design: How to make an impact for people with disabilities
  • Incorporating Children with Disabilities into Gymnastics
  • Inclusive Communication Strategies to Increase Program Engagement

Location: Virtual or In Person

Speaking Engagements

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Leading through Action

Previous Topic Areas:

  • Beyond The Business Walls: The Intersection of Your Career and Your WHY
  • The Urgency of Including Untapped Communities in Technology
  • Taking Flight…Adding Value to the Metaverse
  • Digital Divide or Digital Empowerment
  • Intentional Inclusion and Accessibility

Location: Virtual or In-Person

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