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Building Community Through Inclusive Impact Branding

Sustainable Brands

We help build or rebuild brand marketing strategies with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) embedded. Our priority is ensuring people with disabilities are included. We work with brands that want to be sustainable.

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How Can We Support Your Company?

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Inclusive and Accessible Social Media Storytelling

Storytelling is engaging it allows all to interact and be able to listen to others lived experiences. It allows one to see from a different perspective outside of their own. There is unity through joining together and learning from each other.

We help businesses with message development to ensure authentic storytelling and inclusive and accessible social media.

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Community Workshops

Community workshops allow us to build better now and for the future together. Create spaces to build relationships, learn new information, and bring about change.

We provide community branding workshops that are practical, interactive, and customized. The workshops can be delivered remotely or in person.

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Creative Strategy

Accelerate strategy through a creative lens. Implement creative strategy into tangible storylines. 

We help businesses cultivate creativity by finding new ways to connect things to build inclusive and sustainable brands.

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To ensure sustainable brands we are available as a resource to help businesses build and implement marketing strategies with DEI embedded. Through our consulting packages we offer: interview/resource support calls, brand strategy development, ongoing dedicated consultant.

Possible Speaking Topics:

  • Cross Collaboration Across Industries for Inclusive Design:  How to make an impact for people with disabilities
  • Intentional Inclusion and Accessibility 
  • Inclusive and Accessible Social Media
  • Digital Divide or Digital Empowerment

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    What Our Clients Are Saying


    “The Resource Key serves as an exemplar of an entity that brings together care, expertise, research, and resources while making sure that their services are meshed in as part
    of the team vs. an external “we’ll get back to you with our input and thoughts. Basically, I see the relationship as a relationship for life.”

    Grit & Flow

    “I highly recommend The Resource Key often to businesses that desire to be more inclusive and  support the disabled and neurodivergent community. The Resource Key’s excellent  communication, integrity, and customer service are a commodity often missing from many  organizations, but not this one!”


    “The Resource Key exemplifies impeccable professionalism through both subject-matter
    expertise and high-quality service. Their communication is consistently detailed, concise, prompt and honest. In addition, The Resource Key is both reliable and thoughtful in terms of providing individualized customer/partner correspondence.”

    Community Experts

    The Resource Key Community Experts provide valuable resources about inclusion and accessibility in the community. They provide their industry expertise to contribute important information about why Disability Inclusion is important across all industries.

    Our Community Experts are global, and have a wide variety of expertise in different industries. Email us to hire them for consulting work for your business or for your next event.



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