Building Community through Inclusive Branding

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“Our Priority is ensuring People with Disabilities are included, and making meaningful connections with brands.  We are building community through inclusive and impactful branding for all.”

Jourdan Saunders, MS, CCC-SLP CEO & Founder

Our Services

We are an Inclusive Digital Agency that is committed to inclusion with our social media, content creation, marketing, and business coaching services.

We are grounded in building long term relationships with our clients and providing valuable resource keys to grow your business.

We believe that businesses that value inclusive branding can drive positive social change, and build community.

It takes a community and we are grateful that your business chose The Resource Key to help grow your business.

Our Community Experts

Our Community Experts provide valuable resources about inclusion and accessibility in the community. They provide their industry expertise to contribute important information about why Disability Inclusion is important across all industries.

Our Community Experts are global, and have a wide variety of expertise in different industries. Email us to hire them for consulting work for your business or for your next event.

What Story is your Brand Telling and Who is Included?


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The Resource Key

“Building Community through Inclusive Branding “


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