The Goodtime Hotel

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The Resource Key Featured Brand this week is The Goodtime Hotel.

We enjoyed reading this article about The Goodtime Hotel a few weeks ago. In the article “Grutman said the goal is to make “aspiration accessible,” and Birnbaum said the hotel will be “affordable luxury.”

We looked on The Goodtime Hotel website and they specifically state all of the ways in which their hotel is accessible.

We love that inclusion and accessibility were thought of from the start.

Some of the areas stated include:

Accessible Two Queen Room with Roll-in Shower

-Accessible Website

-Accessible route to all food and beverage outlets from the public entrance and accessible rooms.

-Accessible Gym and Outdoor Fitness Facility.

Our Featured Brand this Week aligns with Key 2. Design Impact which takes into account these important questions: Who are we designing for? What are we considering when we are designing? 

We know our idea of a good time is when inclusion and accessibility is a priority and is included from the start. Thank you to The Goodtime Hotel for driving social change in the hospitality industry.

Join us next week for The Resource Key Featured Brand.

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