Building Community Through Inclusive Impact Branding

The Resource Key helps build brand marketing strategies with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) embedded. They support businesses in the following areas:  inclusive and accessible social media storytelling, community workshops/speaking engagements, creative strategy and consulting.  The Resource Key is grounded in inclusive impact branding and building community.

About Our CEO

Headshot of Jourdan smiling.

Our CEO is the author of Our Reading Literacy Kitchen: Fresh Approaches to Target Reading Literacy Skills. Jourdan is the founder of one of the largest Speech Language Pathology groups on LinkedIn with over 20,000 members, established one of the first resource websites for students interested in the field of Speech Language Pathology (www.futureslps.com) which has received recognition worldwide. She was a selected LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Equity in the Workplace, top 100 Speech Language Pathologists impacting the field

Selected member of Equity Army, Zero Exclusion, executive board of Blossoms of Guyana, and writing team for Neurodiversity Giving Individuals Full Team Success (NDGiFTS) Report. She is a Virgina Ambassador for My XXY Chromodiversity Foundation.

Jourdan’s work has been featured in MarketWatch, Fast Company, USA Gymnastics, American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), Association of University Centers on Disability, Pop Sugar, and Kennedy Center. Mentor to students from the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Emphasis Program, The Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences (HESP) at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Note from Jourdan Saunders, MS., CCC-SLP-CEO and Founder of The Resource Key

When I was a practicing Speech Language Pathologist, I listened to children and adults with different disabilities that I worked with and they shared with me how they did not feel included in the community.  As I did more therapy in the community, it allowed me to see the need for disability inclusion beyond, just the lens of my therapy room. I started The Resource Key to help build or rebuild brand marketing strategies with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) embedded. The priority is ensuring people with disabilities are included. All the work is grounded in inclusive impact branding and community.

The Resource Key seeks to ensure that organizations are committed to not just checking off a box, but truly committed to moving the conversation forward, putting in actions daily, and going beyond the training. Sometimes we think of really big things, but there are small ways too that organizations can move the conversation and make an impact. I hope one day we will not have to have a separate conversation about disability inclusion. I strongly believe that inclusion is an action that is embedded into our daily habits, it is not limited to one industry or setting. We are all in this together.

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