Community Experts

Mr. Antoine Hunter
A headshot of Antoine Hunter with Ebony dreadlocks in a low half braid and a full beard. Antoine is wearing a sienna top and smiling with his head tilted slightly to the right. Dark Milk Chocolate smooth skin which he got from his mother.
Photo Credit: Mark Kitaoka

Industry: Dance

Zahna Simon
Zahna wearing jeans and a crop long sleeve pink shirt with her hair down is in a dance pose where up on pointe shoes, bent knees like sitting with toro straight up arms behind on the stairway pole looking at the camera. The background is outside stairs with some plants and trees on the left side of the picture behind the stairway metal banisters.

Industry: Dance

Kyah Merrit
Author Kyah Merritt is wearing a gray shirt with a long blue silk skirt with a green under-layer (the opposite side of a reversible skirt) visible at the bottom. She is sitting on a black bench in the shade of a pine tree. In the background there are more pine trees.

Industry: Writing

Harel Chait
Closeup picture of Web Accessibility Consultant Harel Chait smiling.

Industry: Web Accessibility

Valerie Lawrence
Life Coach Valerie Lawrence is smiling wearing three tier circle link earrings, a black long sleeve shirt with a button in the middle of shirt.

Industry: Life Coach

Saba Markos
Model Saba is posing sitting down leaning on left knee and left hand on hair. She has dark curly shoulder length hair, hair is mostly on one side. She is wearing a white off the shoulder t-shirt with a pink and black bra strap showing on the side where t-shirt is off the shoulder. Posing sitting, leaning on left knee, left hand on hair.

Industry: Modeling

Carissa Madden
You will see a young Caucasian woman looking straight ahead. Her head is tilted at an 80 degree angle. She is wearing a white oxford shirt with a navy blue dress jacket. On the right side of the woman, she wears a small name tag. On the tag says, “UF Division of Student Affairs, University of Florida in navy blue. Underneath the University of Florida says, “CARISSA MADDEN” in a lighter blue color. Underneath the name says “Disability Resource Center” in blue. The woman has blue eyes with a tint of gray. Above her eyes are her eyebrows (both dark red and brown). Her hair color is dark red with blond highlights. The length of her hair stops at her shoulders. She has dimples with light rosy cheeks.

Industry: Higher Education and Career Development

Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro
Proudly an African dark skinned lady with her right maimed hand raised up and a broad smile on her cheek showing her dental structure. She wears a black straight gown with a lawyers wig on her head and collarette around her neck to indicate her profession.
Photo Credit: Kenny

Industry: Law

Stephen Cluskey
Stephen Cluskey, CEO Mobility Mojo smiling wearing a black blazer with a pink collared button up shirt.

Industry: Hospitality and Facilities

Ryan Lundy
Ryan wearing glasses and has on a black suit with a black/red tie and red handkerchief sticking out of his pocket.

Industry: Recreation

Tanisha Dayal
Tanisha leaning on wall holding a camera in one hand and the other hand on her hip.

Industry: Human Resources

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