Tanisha Dayal

Tanisha leaning on wall holding a camera in one hand and the other hand on her hip.

“We all are humans first and we deserve to live our lives with dignity and reach our best potential we can without having the society to make our lives more difficult than it already is. We all are so unique and amazing, lets make the different communities feel included and devoid the concept of mainstream itself.”

Tanisha Dayal

Description of Tanisha Dayal’s Headshot Above:

The picture has Tanisha posing straight at the camera for someone clicking a picture of her which shows her truest self of being able to view the world with another perspective, her favorite Canon DSLR. Wearing the bright red top and red watch to match the contrasting brown bricked wall that fades into the background. Her steel rimmed glasses giving her the extra innocent look to her brown eyes and brown wavy hair to the strong aura she eludes when she’s existing.

About Tanisha Dayal:

Coming from a land of diversity, India- also well known amongst her peers and colleagues as the most hard-working nerd who loves to travel. Born in 1997, it was realized after a few years that Tanisha was born with undiagnosed-degenerative hearing loss putting her in the category of profound deafness. It was then realized the late diagnosis and stigmatization of disability was too evident. Not speaking a word until the age of 3 and suddenly wearing hearing-aids to enable her to listen was all overwhelming for her. According to the stories heard from her family and relatives, her mother taught her how to speak and fought for her daughter’s right to study in a school to ensure ‘equal’ education wherein there were no accommodations present during her whole school life. Working her way through the difficulties with her strong love for reading and writing, she managed to get through into one of the prestigious colleges in her country studying bachelors in English Honors. She later on went to study masters in International Relations from Dublin. She has always loved travelling which allowed her to secure sponsored international internships and research. She has donned in many different responsibilities with ease ranging from student counsellor, social worker, team leader, researcher, campaigner, disability rights activist, consultant, HR head, fundraiser and of course a teacher as well!  She also finds it very encouraging to be able to share her interests with communities of disabilities/mental health which was noticed by her professors from Dublin. They asked her to deliver a guest lecture/speech which was ultimately admired by her audience as the interpreters delegated her talk in Irish sign language for her deaf audience. She also connected with well-known disability rights activists or Diversity/Inclusion and other connections in the similar field across the world for an impactful collaboration.

Her strong interests like disability awareness, diversity/inclusion, education, disability laws & policies, accessibility design, sign language, career development/equality, mental health & affordable services, women empowerment, disability technology transformation, discrimination elimination, unconscious bias training now resonates with the following areas and wishes to create stronger awareness about the ever growing deaf culture across the world and how to get them to connect together to be united against the difficulties being imposed on them.  

Why is disability inclusion important in different industries?  

“I can’t hear but I sure can listen.”

Industries- Arts, HR, Education, Disability Rights, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Inclusion & Equality, Research & Development, Social Work, Global Outreach I am here to stay and fight for women in the society who end up with sexism everywhere leading to late diagnosis as well availing the needed medical help on time. “The struggles as a woman with deafness could have been avoided.” The fact that the lack of empathy and not willing to learn is evident around us showing how the society makes it difficult for us to break into different areas of industries. Discrimination and elimination of humans on the basis of skin color, disability is the worst excuse/reason one has to deal with, and it needs to be addressed urgently because if not now then when? Considering ourselves to be developed and advancing science is of no use when we can’t make the lives of people with disabilities/mental health/difficulties easier with the help of reasonable adjustments. We all are humans first and we deserve to live our lives with dignity and reach our best potential we can without having the society to make our lives more difficult than it already is. We all are so unique and amazing, lets make the different communities feel included and devoid the concept of mainstream itself. We are waging a war against each other because of the segregation and ignoring the diverse intersectionality of identities that itself is a powerful concept.

Previous Projects, Featured Articles and Other Work: 

Developed a research on “Disability Rights” on the differences between India and United Kingdom on disabilities ,alternatives to bridge the differences, along with what kind of role the laws can play to protect the rights of the people with special needs in U.K. and India providing key learnings to create awareness about disabilities. This research delivered improvements to support infrastructure of people with special-needs having secured buy-in to study recommendations by Delhi University and Government of Delhi. (2016)

Masters Research Thesis – Social Construction of the Concept of ‘Abled Man’ v/s ‘Disabled Woman’ (Deafness as an ‘Invisible Disability’ in Women) which talks strongly about the laws to protect the deaf women as well as the psychological implications of dealing with a disability without being able to explore the other intersectional aspects of her identity eradicating the pre-conceived assumptions about deafness in the countries considered as developed or developing. It is a topic that was considered to be a very interesting yet ambitious topic by her professors who reviewed it.  (2020)

Podcast Episode: Growing Up Disabled in India with Tanisha Dayal

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